For one day only once a year, you can safely go fishing on Connecticut's waters without a fishing license. That day, my fellow cheapskate fishermen, is Saturday May 8. 2021.

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The State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's field officers will not be patrolling the waterways looking for anglers with no fishing licenses for a single Saturday. Instead, they will be out enforcing all of the other rules and regulations that have been put in place, including but not limited to daily limits, size limits and  closed seasons. This is especially a score for out of state residents.

I'm talking to you NY, NJ, Mass and RI. A typical 3-day out-of-state fishing license costs $22. For us in-state residents, the annual cost of a fresh/salt water fishing license is $32.

My favorite place to fish growing up was on Lake Zoar in Sandy Hook. My lifelong friend Tim Boucher and his brother Greg lived on Bridge End Farm Lane and we used to go fishing for large and smallmouth bass right off of their backyard every weekend. My dad got me into fishing when I was Small Dave and I loved spending time casting with him on some of Connecticut's beautiful ponds.

Connecticut's Free Fishing Day, Saturday May 8, 2021, is a great opportunity to spend $20 on some bait and bringing your kid to a nearby lake or pond to try and catch a few.

For more information on regulations, seasons, and quite a few helpful how-to guides, check out the CT DEEP's website by clicking HERE

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