Attention K-12 students of Connecticut - You have an opportunity to creatively name 4 snow plows that will be clearing the roads of Connecticut , please come up with some good ones.

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I love that the Connecticut Department of Transportation has a sense of humor. We're all going to smile when 'The Flying Gazinta', or 'Plowy McSalt Face' comes to our rescue on an ice-covered Connecticut roadway in 2024, right? It's going to happen, the CT DOT has just announced the launch of the 2024 Snowplow naming contest for K-12 students. This is the time for your innovation, future bright minds of Connecticut.

From now until December 15, 2023, Connecticut K-12 schools will be able to submit their best and most creative names for four CT DOT Tandem Axle Tow Plows. This isn't the first time that the CT DOT has done this, previous winners include Buzz Iceclear, Husky McSalty, Plowzilla, and my personal favorite - Scoop Dogg. The winning names will be featured on the side of each snowplow, and the winning schools will then each receive a visit from the snowplow itself.

There are plenty of rules and regulations, you can read all by clicking HERE, but the basics are:

  • 20 characters, or no more than 3 words
  • Appropriate, no profanity or obscenity
  • No individual names
  • Be original, don't use copyrighted characters or trademarked products
  • If multiple schools come up with the same name, first one submitted is the winner

Did you come up with a good one? Click Here for the submission form. Good luck, and remember to give Sandy Goodtraction some space.

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