Such sad news for the family and friends of this Waterbury man, but closure nonetheless.

Losing someone can only be described as heart wrenching. When a family member or friend goes missing, not knowing what happened, I can only imagine, is excruciating.

A grim discovery back in 2015 is now yielding some information in regards to a missing persons case out of Waterbury, Connecticut.

In a story from, police have now confirmed that a skull found in the woods of Pennsylvania was that of a Waterbury man who's been missing since 2011.

George Rymko was listed in the Waterbury Police Department's missing persons file, and along with that, also listed in the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, or NamUs.

Rymko, was last seen alive Jan. 22, 2011, and his vehicle was found abandoned less than a month later in Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania after he was reported missing.

The case went cold after the vehicle was found. Fast forward to 2015 when a hunter found a human skull in a wooded area of Gouldsboro, according to the Wayne County coroner in Pennsylvania. When a sample of DNA was supplied by a relative of Rymko's, it was compared with DNA on the skull.

Earlier this week, the coroner reviewed the comparison report and authorities have  determined, through the DNA testing, that the skull was that of George Rymko. The article goes on to say that sadly, no other remains were found and the cause of death have not yet been determined.

Hopefully, the family and friends of George Rymko find at least some closure with this information. May he Rest In Peace.

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