According to USA Today, RV companies have been targeting millennial consumers for the past few years and it is working. These new models are tech-friendly and feature tons of amenities. They are basically the OPPOSITE of the RV pictured above.

Tiny houses were "the big thing" for a while for people seeking a simpler and more inexpensive life, but now RVs are the thing. Let me tell you what, I don't need a trend or an article to tell me how kick-ass RVs are.

I want so badly to take all of my things and throw them away, pack three pairs of drawers, three shirts, three pairs of socks, a toothbrush and hit the road with my wife. I have a feeling the kids would be upset if we split town, though, so this dream will have to wait for retirement. When that time comes, I will greet the open road with a smile on my face.

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