In the summer of 2022, those who used Blueberry Island on Candlewood Lake as their personal garbage dump have now spoiled it for everyone. On weekends, the island is packed with boaters, where some leave all kinds of rubbish. Candlewood Lake's Blueberry Island, located not far from New Fairfield's Hollywile Community, is a favorite party destination.

According to Hearst Connecticut Media, New Fairfield First Selectman Pat Del Monaco has announced that the town's health director made the proposal to keep Blueberry Island off limits to boaters during the summer of 2023.

Last summer, the official announcement to close down the island was handed down by the Connecticut State Police - New Fairfield Resident Trooper's Office on September 2, 2022, that read: "Blueberry Island in New Fairfield (Candlewood Lake) is CLOSED indefinitely due to unsanitary conditions.

What is considered unsanitary conditions? New Fairfield's Health Department found human waste, feminine hygiene products, dirty diapers, and all types of litter on the island.

Disgusting Conditions Close Down Candlewood Lake's Blueberry Island

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