Where were you when you heard the news that the bakery behind our beloved Milite's bread was closing for good? My buddy Pete clued me in last week that Waterbury's A.M.S. Bakeries and their iconic brands of Milite's, Arturo's, and Spinella's breads, were giving up after years of incredible work.

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What the hell do we do now?


It's all about the bread people. If you look up rapturous reviews of any deli or grinder shop around Connecticut, chances are they'll mention that the place used Milite's/Arturo's/Spinella's bread. Milite's had the perfect taste and texture, and it held up so well against liquid grinder toppings. Have you ever had a soggy Milite's grinder? Nope.

From what I've read in social media comments, it was the perfect storm of inflation, labor shortage, and the years of intense work that have led to A.M.S. Bakeries shutting down. I have to say that the Milite's bread of 2022 wasn't like the Milite's bread of the 1980's - early 2000's, there seems to have been some cost-cutting in the manufacturing processes over the past 15-20 years. I've particularly noticed the difference in texture. Still, it was the go-to for many local delis and grocery stores for fresh Italian bread.

Who will assume the Connecticut Italian bread Crown now? My votes are for Wolcott's D'Addona Brothers Bakery, and Waterbury's Brooklyn Baking Company, and Hartford's Mozzicato De Pasquale. I have a feeling that all three places are scrambling to fill a ton of new customers this week, and there are a lot of grocery store owners calling Arthur Avenue too.

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