The Ridgefield Police Department is looking to the public for help identifying the suspects after a number of incidents that have happened within the town recently.

According to the Ridgefield Police Department, the string of vandalism took place on Monday, July 8. During the incidents, police say windows were smashed, mailboxes were damaged and American flags belonging to residents were burned.

The report says that the targeted areas of vandalism were located on Barrack Hill Road, Golf Lane, Armand Place, Walnut Hill Road and Pin Pack Road.

Witnesses of the activity, according to police, describe a gray Jeep Wrangler as the suspect vehicle. One potential perpetrator may have dark hair, while another may have blond, curly hair.

In a statement, the Ridgefield Police Department said, "Thus far, our officers have interviewed victims and witnesses, canvassed the area, researched similar vehicles to those observed by witnesses, and examined photos and surveillance video. At this time no probable cause has been developed, but we are not giving up."

Anyone who may have any information regarding these acts of vandalism is urged to contact Captain Terzian at 203-438-6531.

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