One of the nation's largest retail pet stores has made the decision to "Stop the Shock",  and will no longer sell human-operated remote control shock collars for dogs.

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The CEO of San Diego-based Petco, Ron Coughlin, is also urging pet lovers, and the rest of the pet industry, to join their movement towards positive reinforcement training, instead of electricity, and offers to "pay for your first positive training class if you let us" with a link to a free online dog training class.

In an open letter posted to, dated October 6, 2020, under the #StopTheShock, Coughlin writes:

It ends today

Today, we stop the pain for Buddy, because he barks at the doorbell.

We stop the stress for Sadie because she jumps for joy all over the neighbors when they walk in the door

And we stop the fear for Cooper because he prefers a good pair of sneakers over all the chew toys on the market

As of today, Petco no longer sells shock collars operated by a person with a remote in hand. Because, as a health and wellness company dedicated to improving pet lives, they have no business in our business.

And frankly, we believe there is a better way.

So today, we say out with shock collars and in with positive training.

We say goodbye to remote controls that cause pain, and hello to expert trainers who mentor pets and pet parents with positivity, patience, and compassion.

Today, we call on the rest of the pet industry and everyone who loves pets to join our movement and help us drive positive change beyond just Petco.

Today, we encourage anyone using or looking for shock collars to consider training with treats instead of electricity and partnership instead of pain

In fact, we'll cover your first positive training class if you'll let us.

Learn what we're taking off our shelves and add your voice to our petition below. And thank you for always helping us give pets their very best lives

Today, we #StopTheShock

You can sign the petition by clicking HERE

The site goes on to explain in further detail why Petco has come to this business decision.

We know the use of shock collars can be a divisive topic, but shock collars have been shown to increase fear, anxiety, and stress levels in dogs. In contrast, studies have shown that dogs respond effectively to positive, voluntary and rewards-based training. We also believe the opportunity for human error and misuse of certain shock collars - even by well-meaning pet parents - is simply too high

Petco has adapted many times to the ever-changing face of the American pet industry, according to Wikipedia, they've stopped selling large birds and rabbits after pressure from PETA, and has long urged adoption over purchase.

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