I was flipping through the channels this past Saturday morning, and as I glanced up at the TV, I saw the image that you see above. It was video of when Puppy Love, located on Lake Avenue Extension in Danbury, caught on fire back on January 3, 2019.

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It took me a minute to realize that this was old video. I had that sinking pit of dread in my stomach, like, "oh no, not again". Then they switched over to a shot of Nancy, the owner of Puppy Love, and old friend, her voice should be unmistakable to you if you listen regularly. With relief, I checked out the guide, and what I'd flipped to was a TV show called "Hearts of Heroes" on WCTX. It's a nationally syndicated show that airs on Saturday mornings. I found the clip for you to check out, in case you've never seen video of the harrowing, and heartwarming event.

The fire started in a building behind Puppy Love late in the evening of January 3, 2019. Nearby residents noticed the smoke and flames, and dozens of members of the community rallied together to form a human chain to rescue each and every one of the 86 puppies that were inside the building.

They were so fortunate that the fire started as early in the evening as it did, around 9PM, there were a few people still eating at Stanziato's next door. The video shows interviews with my friend Nancy, the owner of Puppy Love, as well as a couple of members of the Danbury Fire Department, and a couple of the puppy rescuers. Anyway, it was a nice surprise to see it this past weekend, and I thought you might like to remember it, and see video of a few cute puppies too.

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