Even though it's been exactly 20 years since the terror attacks on September 11, it's still hard to wrap your head around what actually happened that day, and all the innocent people who lost their lives.

May the families of those we lost have peace, and may the souls of the innocent rest in peace forever.

Read through this gallery and let it serve as a memorial to those from right here in Greater Danbury who are no longer with us, taken from their families on that tragic day:

Remembering Greater Danbury's 9/11 Victims

Millions of people went to bed on September 10, 2001 with no thought that the next day their lives would change forever.

An unknown author put some words to paper shortly after the attacks, and I would like to share some of these thoughts with you right now.

On Monday, we emailed jokes. On Tuesday, we did not.
On Monday, we thought that we were secure. On Tuesday, we learned better.
On Monday, we were talking about heroes as being athletes.
On Tuesday, we relearned who our heroes are.
On Monday, people argued with their kids about picking up their room.
On Tuesday, the same people could not get home fast enough to hug their kids.
On Monday, there were people trying to separate each other by race, sex, color and creed. On Tuesday, they were all holding hands.
On Monday, we were men or women, black or white, old or young, rich or poor, gay or straight, Christian or non-Christian. On Tuesday we were all Americans.
On Monday politicians argued about budget surpluses.
On Tuesday grief stricken they sang "God Bless America."

It is sadly ironic how it takes horrific events such as 9/11 to place things into perspective, but it does. The lessons learned, the things we have taken for granted, the things that have been forgotten or overlooked, hopefully, will never be forgotten again.

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