I need your help on my walk down Memory Lane, or I should say Glen / River Road in Sandy Hook / Newtown. What was the name of the tiny package/convenience store that was on Glen Road right near the steel bridge/River Road across the Housatonic River / Lake Zoar?

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In the late 80's/early 90's, I used to stop there and pick up beer on my way to my friend Tim's house. Tim and his family had a beautiful house on Bridge End Farm Lane and we spent our summers cruising up and down Lake Zoar. I loved fishing under that bridge, watching the brave ones jump from the top and listening for that belly-flop slap as they hit the water 20-30 feet below. The problem is, after all these years, Tim and I can't remember the name of that little place in Sandy Hook.

That's one of the most frustrating things, isn't it? Something that you can remember the smell of, the way the door creaked when you walked in, but 30 years later, you can't remember the name. It had to have closed down for good somewhere around 1990? I remember the guy behind the counter used to break my stones about my Waterbury address on my license.

When the store shut down, I remember the land sat for a couple of years. Then a beautiful home was built. There's a big privacy fence that stretches across the front of the property now, but I still think about the little place that we used to stop in to to pick up a 40 or 2 before hitting the water. What was the name? Anyway, if it was yours, it may be long gone, but I still have fond memories of it here in 2022, thank you.

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