Here's something unusual: The promoters of a muti-day music festival in Hartford have just announced that re-entry at the gates will be permitted all weekend.

I've reached the age where I rarely attending multi-day festivals. It's an excellent opportunity to see a few of my favorite artists, but two or three ten-hour days of sensory overload is a lot of work. At times the openers don't interest me, or maybe I forgot my glasses in the car, but I've grown used to Re-entry is strictly forbidden at most festivals and live events around Connecticut.

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GoodWorks Entertainment/Infinity Music Hall's The Capitol Groove is happening in Hartford's Bushnell Park this weekend, Saturday & Sunday, June 29, 30, 2024. I just received an update announcing the following - 'WE HEARD YOU - Festival Re-Entry 11AM - 5PM All Weekend'. Wait, re-entry? This is Connecticut, we don't allow re-entry without re-charging admission.

I get it, it's a business model, where everything is monetized, and you're held hostage to pay the elevated prices for food, beverages, and conveniences. I respect this move of allowing re-entry, there are so many things to do in downtown Hartford around the area of Bushnell Park and the festival. Although I hope this is the first step of a wave of festival-goer freedom.

There's another 3 day music festival happening this weekend in Connecticut - Capulet Fest 2024 is June 28-30, 2024 at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. For all three days 'Re-entry may be provided. You will be stamped upon exiting. For the safety and security of everyone entering the festival, you and your bags are subject to search again by security'.

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