It's sad to say, but we are losing another friend to that filthy temptress known as Florida.

RC Smith has chosen warm weather over good food, great gigs, and reasonable people. RC has been a regular guest on the Ethan and Lou Show since the beginning. This morning, we talked about some of our favorite moments from our time together. Here's how that went:

Over the years of working together, we have done many things. He was not only an E & L regular, but we did stand up shows together, he was the MC for many of our events, attended Camping for Cans every year, and we did a podcast together that I must say was really funny.

RC is a guy who has boundless talent and I have a lot of respect for his work. I'll miss hanging with him in studio doing the show and spending Saturdays in my garage recording the podcast. Farewell my friend, I'll still text you during the Yankee games, unless Sonny Gray is pitching.



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