Ralph Friedman has some seriously amazing stories from his time as a police officer in the Bronx.

He is so amazing, that he is the subject of a TV show called Street Justice: The Bronx. The show relaunches on Investigation Discovery November 30th at 10 pm. He dropped by the studio to talk about the show and share some stories with us. Check that out here:

This guy is so interesting. He was careful to remind us this morning that there are many, many men and women out there who are currently putting their lives on the line everyday to protect us. His stories while interesting and in some cases terrifying are not unique. We were honored to have a true hero in our studio this morning and on the show with us.

Photo credit: Bill Katzing
Photo credit: Bill Katzing

Make sure you don't miss "Street Justice: The Bronx" Thursday November 30th at 10pm on Investigation Discovery. You can also get his book "Street Warrior" on Amazon by Ralph Friedman and Pat Picciarelli.

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