The Garden Brothers Circus just finished a weekend run at the Danbury Ice Arena.

According to animal welfare activist, Jill Alibrandi from Redding, the Garden Bros. Circus returned to Danbury with, "the same tortured animals." Alibrandi and Lisa Haut of Bridgeport organized protests outside the Ice Arena during the circus's weekend performances. According to the CT Post, this is what circus protester, Lisa Haut, had to say:

These animals are wild and extremely stressed because of the unnatural conditions they're living in - and they can just lose it after a certain point.

Jim Davis, the executive director of the Garden Brothers Circus was quick to disagree saying that the circus animals are well cared for and maintained. He went on to say that they were bathed regularly and are seen by a USDA veterinarian once a month and they love to perform and interact with people.

You may remember that back in 2017 after 146 years, the Ringling Brothers and the Barnum & Bailey Circus called it a career because of declining attendance and the never-ending protests. You won't see any kind of circus in Stamford or Bridgeport because they've been banned.

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