Outrage is taking hold over what was done to these bears in Connecticut.

I'll say again, we are well aware that bear sightings are on the rise around Connecticut. But they don't deserve what happened in Wilton over the weekend.

The reality of encountering bears in your yard, on your run, out walking a dog, going about ever day life is certainly on the rise. But these animals are not intent on always doing you harm. What occurred on private property in Wilton was cruel at best.

Now a local woman wants to stand up for the two dead bears.

According to the Wilton Bulletin, a protest is being planned for outside the court appearance of two Connecticut men accused of killing the bears illegally. The protest against Antonio Lio and Daniel Moran is being planned by a Wilton woman deeply upset by their actions. Again, it's important to share that bear hunting is not legal at any time in Connecticut.

The peaceful protest is planned for outside Norwalk Superior Court on Sept. 28, when Lio and Moran make their appearance in court.

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