According to My Record Journal, a prohibition themed restaurant called The Manhattan could be coming to Southington, CT. Rob Sitz & Diane Mullholland have submitted zoning and liquor permit applications for 16 Eden Ave.

The two plan to have their staff dress in 20s era clothing and have prohibition decor. They say they'll have a baby grand piano and serve Italian, Spanish and Latin food. The Manhattan would occupy a space previously called the 3D Restaurant, which closed in April. The zoning applications for The Manhattan are under consideration and the alcohol permit will be reviewed by the Zoning Board of Appeals on Aug 27.

On paper, I'm all in, I've always wanted to go to a prohibition themed bar. I have two demands and they are: There must be a speakeasy secret door and code to enter. There must be Absinthe and not a derivative. I want the real stuff that would blind people and cause hallucinations. If the Manhattan owners can promise me that they can pull this off, I'll be there every, single night dressed like Mr. Peanut.

Fun Prohibition Facts:

  • Speakeasies were illegal bars that popped up throughout the U.S. during prohibition.
  • Most speakeasies were run by organized crime outfits.
  • Speakeasies got their name from the secret codes people used to gain access. Those who knew about the codes were supposed to "speak easy" about them in public.
  • Woodrow Wilson was the President when speakeasies emerged in the U.S.
  • Speakeasies were frequented by women called flappers.
  • defines a flapper as a certain type of woman in the United States in the 1920's. Flappers were known for their unconventional style and behavior. Flappers had their own hairstyles and ways of dressing, especially bobbed hair and short skirts.

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