According to an older, but helpful, article from FOX 61 back in 2016, you CAN use sparklers or fountains in the State of Connecticut. The rest of the fireworks we know and love are basically illegal for your run of the mill private citizen.

There was a bill that was brought to the legislature earlier in the year that would have expanded the use of fireworks that went nowhere. The proposal could have expanded the use of fireworks to firecrackers and bottle rockets among other, according to WFSB. 

This does not mean you are not going to hear them in your neighborhood. The fireworks black market is alive and well, according to my ears. We all know the game if you buy and shoot off enough of them someone will call the cops. This is when the cops will show up, take your fireworks and use them at their home.

It's probably for the best that we can't buy and blast off whatever we want. I mean you don't want an all out fireworks war like one kid tried to organize in Omaha, NE.

P.S. I may or may not have participated in a fireworks fight or two in my younger days. It's not safe, complete "knuckle head" fest and we are all lucky to have all of our appendages. Stay safe, stay in school, just say no.

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