If you ask someone 'What's the worst mall in Connecticut', they'll probably say one of these four: Enfield, Crystal, Meriden, Brass Mill. Why? Most of them have lost, and haven't replaced retailers and attractions. For once, there's some news on the good side coming for Waterbury's Brass Mill Center.

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The centerpiece of the Brass Mill Mall for decades was the only attraction on the third floor - Waterbury's largest movie theater. It was most recently known as Regal Cinemas, and it shut down permanently at the end of September 2022. According to The Connecticut Scoop, the last movie theater currently standing in Waterbury - Apple Cinemas - will open a new theater in the space formerly occupied by Regal Cinemas.


According to The Connecticut Scoop, it's not known if this move will close down the Apple Cinemas on Wolcott Street, but I'd say it's a safe bet that the location on Wolcott Road will close, Waterbury has shown that it cannot sustain two movie theaters, right? I went to see 'The Iron Claw' at the Apple Cinemas in Waterbury right before New Year's Eve a few weeks ago, and we pretty much had the theater to ourselves for a 7PM show on a Saturday night. The Brass Mill Mall, for all of it's faults, has far more pre-and-post movie appealing dining and entertainment options compared to Wolcott Street. No offense Mr. Wok, and the new Burger King, but I'd much rather hit Los Garcia any day of the week.

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