I was driving through Naugatuck the other day, and I noticed that they finally shut down the old Dunkin Donuts that was on the corner of Rubber Avenue and Meadow Street. Dunkin' recently opened up a new store at 704 Rubber Avenue, in a new Gulf Express, right near McDonald's, and the Mountview Plaza. The new Dunkin has been open a couple of months, and it seems that enough people have migrated over enough to close the old one down. I always hated the old location, trying to pull out of that corner was impossible sometimes due to traffic. Well, that corner of Rubber Ave and Meadow Street not only lost the Dunkin', but longtime Rubber Ave mainstay John's Pizza closed down last month in November. Now? That corner is going to seriously change, as Popeyes has been announced as the fast food franchise that may be coming to the property at 111 Rubber Ave.


According to a post from rep-am.com, a new Popeyes might be coming to town, as permits have been submitted by a developer and franchiser to renovate the old John's Pizza building at 111 Rubber Avenue, and build a new Popeyes fast food location in it's place. This is going to be very bad news for one of the last remaining Friendly's Restaurants in our area, the one in Naugy is located basically right across the street from where the new Popeye's is proposed to be. I would also think that the possible Popeyes is going to take a big bite out of the Duchess business nearby on Meadow Street.

But the good news is that it's true, I do love that chicken from Popeyes, and the shrimp, and the beans and rice, and the sweet tea. We'll see if the permits and build are allowed.


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