Motorists on Interstate 84 in Southington were surprised to see some police action apparently involving a naked man this morning (May 27). A press release from the Connecticut State Police clarified the situation a little.

According to the CT State Police, Colonel Stavros Mellekas was on his way to State Police headquarters Wednesday morning when he witnessed a naked man in the median on Interstate 84 in Southington. The man was clearly in distress and creating a potentially hazardous situation.

Colonel Mellekas is the highest-ranked trooper in the state, and the first trooper on the scene, according to the State Police website. He helped to rescue the man before any further incidents transpired on the highway. The man was transported to a local hospital for evaluation, according to the Police.

Needless to say, this created some entertaining talk on some of the area towns' Facebook pages. A member of the Southington Talks page said, "quarantine has got people losing their clothes." Another asked, "but did he have a mask on?"

All kidding aside, lots of people expressed concern for the man and hoped that he got the help he needed.

Great job by Colonel Mellekas. As Facebook user Dean commented on the State Police Page, "Add one more memory you'd rather forget to the memory banks. LOL... great job. Colonel." A reminder that even the highest-ranking trooper in the State doesn't forget that their main duty is to protect people. His quick actions this morning prevented a variety of situations that wouldn't have ended well, either for the man himself or for the morning commuters.

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