Over 10,000 bags of heroin are off of our streets thanks to local police.

According to the Waterbury Police Department, officers paid a visit to 211 Cooke St. on Thursday (September 12) after an anonymous complaint that a number of cars that don't belong to the residents were blocking the driveway.

When officers arrived to the property, which was reportedly marked with no trespassing signs, they say they found 40-year-old Milton Riddick in back, standing near a blue Acura and a silver Mercedes. Once it was determined that Riddick was not a resident of the Cooke St. address and didn't know anyone who lived there, he was placed under arrest for criminal trespass. At that point, police say they found a key to a Mercedes and two cell phones.

As this was going on, an officer on the scene reportedly spotted several bags containing tan powdery substance suspected to be heroin on the back seat of the aforementioned blue Acura.

Police then reportedly had another phone conversation with the person who originally made the trespassing complaint who then told the officers that they witnessed a person matching Riddick’s description repeatedly retrieving something from the rear seat of the Acura and then engaging in hand-to-hand exchanges with numerous people.

As the Acura was towed from the property and held as evidence, officers say they found10,172 individual glassine bags of heroin, 89 grams of unpackaged heroin, four grams of crack cocaine, 59 different types of pills, $20,310 in cash, more packaging materials, five cell phones and an electronic scale. 

Riddick was then processed and additionally charged with possession with intent to sell, intent to sell in a school zone, possession of more than one ounce of heroin, operating a drug factory, and various other drug-related charges. He was held on a $500,000 bond pending arraignment in court. 

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