UPDATE: I wrote this story on (4/26/222) the day of the gun incident at New Milford High School. On Wednesday (4/27/22) New Milford Mayor Pete Bass came on the Ethan and Lou Show to react. Click the player below to hear what he had to say.


We were on the air when it all happened.

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I was barking at Ethan about something having to do with Johnny Depp or something unimportant, and Ethan's phone kept going off. I finally got annoyed and yelled at him to check what the alerts were about.

That is when he started to read his cryptic texts about a lockdown at New Milford High School. The timing was eerie and upsetting because something similar happened the morning of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Ever unpredictable, Ethan began reading the texts on air that a lockdown of New Milford High School was underway. We told the public we'd get them information but unfortunately it took hours.

I can understand of course, the police department needs to secure the scene and deal with any safety issue before reaching out to local media, but I didn't want to be responsible for alarming parents and creating a panic.

Later in the day I got a return text message from New Milford Police Chief Spencer Cerruto who told me the scene was secure and everyone was safe but an investigation would be ongoing. He told me to check my e-mail and that he'd sent me a press release.

The release states the following:

On 04-26-22 at aprox. 0920 the New Milford Police Department responded to the New Milford High School on the report of a weapon on school property. I want to credit our NMPD SRO, all responding police officers, detectives and high school staff for taking immediate action to provide for the security of students and staff at New Milford High School. The school was immediately put into lock-down and officers swiftly moved to locate the involved parties. A juvenile and two other students were detained at the scene. The lock-down was lifted at 1059, the scene is secure, the school is safe and the investigation continues. This is an ongoing and open investigation, involving juveniles and other suspects, therefore further information will not be released at this point, but expect an update as the investigation unfolds.

Chief Cerruto: “ I have zero tolerance for school related violence, or any violence for that matter, and these suspects and juvenile will be dealt with accordingly.”

We will update you as more information becomes available.

UPDATE WRITTEN: (4/27/22) - 6:00am 

According to WFSB, New Milford Police located a gun at the school. It was a loaded 9mm pistol known as a "ghost gun", which is simply a gun lacking a serial number. The entire incident began with a fight, as a result of the fight and the gun, three students are facing charges.

We broke the news yesterday (4/26.22)  on the air but it was a bit awkward  and scary. This is that segment below.

We discussed the whole thing again on the Wednesday (4/27/22) Ethan & Lou Show. Listen below..

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Then I put a call out to the Ethan & Lou Radio Show listeners and asked for some tips. I wanted to hear from our listeners to find out where they think the problem areas are. I was told Hardscrabble was rough, someone suggested Woodbury Street and another told me to look at Shelter Rock Road. I chose to head off to Shelter Rock and put the others on the back burner for now. 


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