A bizarre story that you'd think would be dedicated to the headlines of Florida has found a home on the sunny shores of Connecticut.

Police are saying that a completely nude woman wielding a fire extinguisher ransacked a local church, demolishing religious items in her path.

Abc7ny.com reports that late Wednesday Afternoon (Feb. 22) around 5:00 PM, police officers were notified after witnesses claimed to see a naked woman breaking a window in order to enter St. Clements Church in Stamford. Police say they then spotted 32-year-old, Celina Kelly of Stamford, using the fire extinguisher in a fit of rage.

The report says that a terrified priest who lives at the church encountered Kelly before escaping and allowing officers to enter. It was then, that the Stamford PD arrested Celina Kelly without further incident. Officers have been quoted as saying:

She was obviously under the influence of some type of narcotic and admitted to smoking marijuana laced with a chemical shortly before going on her rampage.

The report is unclear, but man, I hope that after smoking the laced pot, the naked lady was at least smart enough to just smash the church stuff with the extinguisher rather than spraying the stuff that's used to put out fires. As I can tell you from a certain house party incident that I may or may not have been involved with back in '03, not only does that white, powdery spray make it difficult to breathe when inhaled, it also burns the hell out of your skin. She wasn't even wearing any clothes -- Ouch. Plus, it sticks to everything and if she did spray it, the fine folks at St. Clements will need a divine intervention to clean it from all the nooks and crannies it seems to find its way into. Judging by the fact that she was naked, she may have difficulty cleaning the extinguisher stuff from her own nooks and crannies as well. Especially in a jail cell while coming down from that apparently very intense high.

Celina Kelly was charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

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