According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, more than a quarter kilo of cocaine is off the streets.

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After months of police investigation by the Danbury PD SID (Special Investigations Division), the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and State Police, 49-year-old Aaron Thompson was arrested on a an array of drug charges.

In the release, the Danbury Police Department said they served search and seizure warrants for Thompson's person, car and home on Thursday (4/28/22) and found a huge cache of drugs and other illegal items.

The release states the following:

"As the investigation proceeded, the target was identified as Aaron Thompson, a convicted drug dealer. Thompson is known to members of SID/DEA through numerous past drug arrests and is currently on Federal Probation for those drug charges. He is also out on a $100,000 bond for a pending sexual assault case. It was determined that Thompson was living in Waterbury and selling drugs in the city of Danbury. SID/DEA obtained 3 court-authorized search and seizure warrants for Aaron Thompson’s person, home, and car. At 10:57, AM SID/DEA approached Aaron Thompson at a business on Lake Avenue in Danbury, CT. Search warrants for his person and car were executed at this time, and he was placed under arrest for driving under suspension and possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle."

Police also found a taser in his car, and he was taken to headquarters to be processed while police executed their search of his home at 15 Kay Lane in Waterbury, CT. That is where authorities found a quarter kilo of cocaine, 19 grams of crack and other drug paraphernalia.

Thompson's bond was set at $350,000 and faces the following charges:

  • Possession of narcotics with intent to sell 2 counts
  • Possession of a controlled substance 3 counts
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle
  • Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license

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