Police in Darien, CT approached the New York Yankees' General Manager Brian Cashman with their guns drawn on Friday. But it wasn't because of what he did (or didn't do) regarding the recent Major League Baseball trade deadline -- there was a bit of confusion involved.

According to the New York Post, Cashman, who lives in Norwalk, was headed to the Norwalk PD on Friday (August 9) to have his white Jeep Wrangler processed for evidence. Apparently, the Jeep was stolen last weekend, but when the NYPD recovered it, Cashman says that they never took the vehicle off of the list of cars that had been reported stolen.

In an incredibly odd coincidence, Darien police were out looking for a male in a white jeep who was reportedly seen to be in possession of a handgun while getting a physical at a local doctor's office earlier in the day. As the officers were conducting their search, it just so happened that the Yankees GM stopped at a gas station within the town, driving his white Jeep. When the local officers spotted the Jeep, they ran the plates, which told them that it was still considered to be a stolen vehicle.

Acting as any competent police officers would in that very situation, members of the Darien PD engaged Brian Cashman in a felony traffic stop scenario with their guns drawn. The Hartford Courant reports that in a statement, the Darien PD said that Cashman “was fully cooperative with all commands and instructions given by the officers conducting the stop and the encounter was quickly, efficiently and properly de-escalated. It was also quickly determined that Mr. Cashman was the true owner of the vehicle.”

After the Darien officers escorted Cashman and his troublesome Jeep Wrangler to the Norwalk Police Department to complete his task, the baseball executive noted the professionalism of the officers involved, telling the NY Post, “The public should take encouragement when someone is in a stolen vehicle they’re not going to get very far,” he said. “I have high respect for all law enforcement. They do an amazing job whether you’re in Connecticut and New York City — and sometimes unique circumstances can occur.”

As for the man who was reported in possession of the handgun, Darien police were able to track him down as well. As it turns out, he was simply a guy with a license to carry who was getting a physical at the doctor's office. Police say he wasn't even aware that there was an issue. There has been no indication of whether or not the man is a Yankees fan.

So there you have it, all's well that ends well for Brian Cashman in Connecticut. As for not picking up a solid starter to be in pinstripes before the trade deadline, we shall see.

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