Redding Police were asking for help to identify this man according to a press release from the department. Police say a man broke into a car on Saturday May 25, around 4:30pm.

According to the CT Post they have done just that. With the help of social media Redding cops say they have found the man but because the investigation is ongoing they will not release his name at this time.

Authorities say the vehicle in question was parked by the access trail to the reservoir located on Newtown Turnpike near Glen Road. A bag was taken from the backseat of the car after Redding cops say a suspect smashed the back car window open. The image above was captured by an internal camera running in the car. 

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. However, this picture begs one steaming hot question. What did that guy see in that car, to astonish him to no end? You've seen a steering wheel, haven't you sir? Can a stray lipstick and a pack of gum be that amazing?

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