According to a press release from the Shelton Police Department, Michael White, 31, of Seymour, and Kenneth Banks, 27 of Shelton, turned themselves into authorities this week under suspicion of firearms related crimes. The Shelton PD says the two were allegedly firing a gun from a moving car after heading home from a night of drinking on January 22, 2019.

Detectives say after receiving complaint calls of shots fired in the area of Willoughby Rd and Independence Dr, they arrived on the scene and began their investigation. They say they found spent shell casings near stop signs in the area. Authorities also say they determined that the two were drinking at area bars, and are believed to have been firing the gun out the car window on the way home. Shelton PD says they have retrieved all registered firearms from the men, and one unregistered banned assault rifle from Mr. White.

After surrendering, both men were arrested, released on bond and have respective court dates of 2/13/20 and 2/18/20. Charges for both men include illegal discharge of a firearm, carrying a firearm under an intoxicating liquor, reckless endangerment and breach of peace. White faces additional charges for the assault rifle in question.

Oh you, you boys. Boys will (allegedly) be boys, won't they? Shenanigans, I tell you, shenanigans.

I'd say this would be a knee slapper if this were the 1920s, they were bootlegger brothers running "shine" out of the hills and into the CT valley. It's none of those things, and people don't like it when you start shooting guns (allegedly) out of the window of a moving vehicle. Here are some reasons why:

  • The bullets could fly into their living room or place of business.
  • Gunfire is loud and believe it or not, folks are trying to sleep at 11:30 pm on a Wednesday (the incident in question is said to have taken place on a Wednesday).
  • People don't want to die before their time because things didn't "work out" with you and the ladies at the bar (allegedly).

Here are some other things we know to be true: hitting your target while shooting a gun out of the window of a moving car (allegedly) is no small order for a trained military professional. Hitting a target with a gun whilst intoxicated (allegedly) is difficult to do.

If you are both drunk and in a moving car while (allegedly) shooting a gun out the window, you are selfish and stupid.

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