The Danbury Police Department is asking for the public's help as they investigate an incident involving a man suspected of indecent exposure.

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The incident occurred last Wednesday, October 14, 2020, at 5PM in the parking lot of the Berkshire Shopping Center on Newtown Road in Danbury. According to the Danbury Police Department, the incident occurred when a teenage female was approached by a man driving a small vehicle. As the man was asking the teenager a question, she realized that the man was exposing himself to her. The victim didn't get a lot of information as to what the suspect looked like, but the vehicle that he was driving is a white Hyudai, with New York plates.

Under current 2020 Connecticut General Statutes, 53a-186 - Public Indecency is a Class B misdemeanor, and described as: a person is guilty of public indecency when he performs any of the following acts in a public place: (1) An act of sexual intercourse (2) 53a-65 - A lewd exposure of the body (3) A lewd fondling or caress of the body of another person. A "public place" means any place where the conduct may reasonably be expected to be viewed by others.

If you recognize the vehicle, the operator, or know anybody that may have witnessed the event, the Danbury Police are asking that you contact the investigating officer, Officer Scott Sasso, at, or you can contact the confidential tips line at 203-790 -TIPS.

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