Awful news just broke about the arrest of a Connecticut Animal Shelter owner who has been charged after allegedly knowingly allowing an underage kitten to be adopted, which sadly passed away shortly afterwards.

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According to the Southington Police Department, on August 2, 2021, Southington Animal Control received a complaint after the death of a recently adopted kitten. The complainant stated that she had adopted a very small kitten from Tenderheart Rescue in Bristol, CT, which is operated by Abigail Jones of Wolcott Street, Bristol. At the time of the kitten's adoption, the complainant suspected that Jones was not being truthful about the kitten's age or overall health.

According to the complainant, Jones told them that the kitten was 8 weeks old at the time of adoption, but according to Veterinarian paperwork, the kitten was only 6 weeks old at the time it was adopted.

Despite her suspicions about the kitten's age and health, and after assurances from Jones that everything was on the up and up, the complainant paid the $150 adoption fee and took the kitten home.

Shortly after being brought home, the kitten was weak, had trouble eating solid food, and got diarrhea. On August 2, the kitten passed away. The complainant contacted Jones and reiterated her suspicions that the kitten was too young to be adopted. The complainant then noticed that adoption paperwork from the Vet confirmed that the kitten was 5-6 weeks old at the time they took custody.

The complainant then contacted Southington Animal Control, who were able to confirm through their investigation that in fact, the kitten was 6 weeks old at the time of the adoption. Based on the findings of their investigation, it was determined that due to the non-disclosure of true information, the kitten did not receive the proper care, like kitten formula, which likely contributed to its death.

Yesterday morning, August 17, 2021, Jones turned herself in at the Southington Police headquarters. Jones was arrested, and charged with: Violations of Conditions of Release in the 2nd Degree, (Jones was on probation from a prior charge), and Sale of Under Age Kitten. Jones was held on a $50,000 bond, and appeared in New Britain Superior Court yesterday to face the charges.

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