A local man has been arrested in connection with a recent attack on Main Street in Danbury.

According to the News Times, police have accused 34-year-old Faisal Sadiq of Bethel of assaulting another man with a baseball bat in a widely publicized story that broke at the end of last week.

Police say the attack happened in broad daylight this past Friday (January 17) just before 3:00 PM near the Masjid mosque at 388 Main Street in Danbury.

When police received the call, the victim was reportedly at the nearby Taco Bell, bleeding from a head wound and at the time, he said that his attacker was still following him. The victim was then taken to Danbury hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The DPD says that officers took the Bethel resident into custody within just minutes of the initial 911 call, and that the incident appeared to be related to some sort of domestic dispute.

Faisal Sadiq has been charged with second degree assault and breach of peace.

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