The following story is one of the reasons why the "24-Hour Challenge" is a moronic idea.

The "24-Hour Challenge" originated two years ago, and is an idiotic time waster with the purpose of attempting to create a viral video. This is when an individual attempts to stay in a closed establishment for roughly 24 hours, trying not to be caught while recording the event.

From comes the story of a Norwalk mom and her son who allegedly decided to try out a home variation of the challenge by staying up for 24 hours. Why the two made the decision to give this a go is not known, according to police, but it ended badly with the mother's arrest and her son taken to the hospital.

According to Norwalk Police, the mother, 31-year-old Nicole Barstow, and her son set their sights on staying up all night on Friday. At 10 am the next morning, Barstow was reportedly acting strangely and causing a commotion in the lobby of her apartment building.

When police arrived, they say she had broken a large window, and the lobby was strewn with toys, broken dishes and children's clothing. Police also reportedly found her lethargic and unable to answer any questions.

Officers said the juvenile son was found inside the apartment and was also unresponsive, but only because he was completely exhausted from staying up all night.

Both Barstow and her son were transported to the hospital and that's when she had another alleged altercation with police when she tried to punch and kick the officers.

Norwalk police charged Barstow with assaulting a public safety officer, first-degree criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and risk of injury to a child.

Here's an example of what the 24-hour challenge is all about:


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