Beautiful large creatures were recently spotted in waters near Milford.

On Monday, Nov. 19, according to, a local fisherman cranked up his video camera and captured footage of two 7 to 8-foot creatures which he was pretty sure were pilot whales. Milford lobsterman, Don Basher agreed that he was almost certain it was a pilot whale. Check out the video that local fisherman, Michael Occhineri shot when he spotted the creatures.

A spokesman for the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk speculated it was a long-fin pilot whale. They usually live in groups or pods of about 10 to 20 and are known to take several breaths before feeding dives which can take up to 10 minutes. Because of their strong bonds among the pods, pilot whales will sometimes get themselves stranded or beached. The reason they become stranded has not been specifically determined but a popular theory is that underwater sonar pulses used to detect submarines freak out the pilot whales and they head towards shallower waters to seek safety.

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