This sounds like the plot of one of those Hallmark movies.

One of our listeners shared a story with us that took place this past weekend in Pawling, and it made us believe is Christmas miracles.

Benjamin Christgau wrote to us saying that 24 hours before the Christmas tree lighting in Pawling there were no lights set on the tree. So from there, a group of businesses in the Village of Pawling gathered together and left their stores to make sure that the tree would light up the town.

JPLGlass, Pawling Family Quilt Shop, Wired Up Electric, Hudson Valley Plastic, Taphouse Tavern, O’Connor’s Public House and Elite Electric came together to form the Pawling Merchant Committee.

They also left their storefronts to make sure the tree was properly lit.

Benjamin Christgau
Benjamin Christgau

Judging from the picture Benjamin sent us, I think it's safe to say that the Pawling Merchant Committee saved Christmas!

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