A trio of Good Samaritans are receiving praise in the Hat City as a result of their efforts to assist a person in need during a car accident.

According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, the accident happened Sunday (May 19) when a driver, who police say was in medical distress, involuntary accelerated into a parked car inside of the parking garage at the Danbury Fair Mall. The medical condition reportedly caused the driver to experience a seizure, at which point the accident caused significant damage to both vehicles.

Police say that a witness to the accident, Marcela Osello, immediately ran over to the motorist in distress, but found that the doors were locked. In a moment of quick thinking, Osello ran to her car to grab a crowbar with the intention of smashing the window and stopping the unresponsive driver from continuously pressing down on the gas pedal.

In the process, police say Marcus Dixon and Krag Lehmann happened to be at the right place at the right time, and the two passersby rushed to help Marcela Osello and the driver. The trio were able to break the window, shut the car's engine down and help out the man in medical distress before he was transported to Danbury Hospital for treatment. During the emergency, both Dixon and Lehmann reportedly sustained several cuts to their hands and "risked their own safety to help someone in need," according to police.

In the report, Detective Lieutenant Mark Williams had this to say on behalf of the DPD:

The Danbury Police Department commends them [Osello, Lehmann and Dixon] for their selfless actions and willingness to render aid to someone in need.

As of this writing, the driver's medical condition is unknown.

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