According to Express a plane carrying holiday travelers from the Netherlands to Spain made an emergency landing after one man's B.O. made other fliers ill. The Transavia flight was turned around and landed soon after takeoff when passengers became ill according to the report.

The unnamed, smelly man was apparently quarantined for a short time but that was not enough. Passengers described the smell as "unbearable" and said it smelled like the man had not showered in weeks.

If your body is so smelly that it causes people to faint and vomit then you did not "check yourself before you wrecked yourself." You "wrecked yourself without EVER checking yourself" and this is a problem. The guy had a case of B.B.O.

Air travel continues to terrify me and not for the reasons most people are scared. It's not potential terror acts or the idea of the plane crashing that has me "shook." It's that many people cannot behave anymore and when you are up there, you are trapped with people.

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