Having a pet can be expensive, from the vet bills, to their food, to their bedding and cages for their comfort, expenses mount up quickly. Mrs. Large and I recently got a new puppy, and every few days, it's another $20, $50, or more, because we think of another way to improve our lives, and make our puppy's life better.

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I came across a Facebook announcement from the Animal Welfare Society, Inc. of New Milford, and they're holding an event this Saturday that I thought was a great idea, and if you're a recently new pet owner like me, it might save you a few bucks, and helps out a place that does great work rescuing pets.

The Animal Welfare Society, Inc. of New Milford will be holding a pet thrift shop at their location, at 8 Dodd Road, this Saturday from 10AM until 1PM. This will be an outdoor event, rain or shine, and everyone must wear a mask, and maintain social distance of 6 feet apart while you're there. All the proceeds from the sale are said to be going to help the Animal Welfare Society's rescued pets.


According to the Animal Welfare Society, they will be offering drastically reduced pricing on a variety of new and gently used items, including: pet carriers, grooming tools, sweaters, jackets, pet ramps and steps, bowls, elevated feeding stations, collars, harnesses, leashes, plus many more items that arrive at the AWS daily.

I think this is a great idea, and it might be fun to do a little holiday shopping for your furry little guy this weekend, maybe they'll have the cutest turkey outfit for your Thanksgiving party?

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