If you're a resident of Oxford, the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments is asking for your questions or comments regarding their upcoming Oxford - Route 67 Alternative Transportation Plan Public Information Meeting, which will be held on June 17, 2021 at 6:30 PM.

The purpose of the study is to figure out the potential for improvements to Rt. 67, Oxford's Main St. with bicycle paths, sidewalks and pedestrian walkways and possible stops for mass transit.

According to the report, Oxford's Main Street, Rt. 67, does not have the typical, walkable downtown or "Main Street" area or type of feel. Commercial area, residences, and municipal services are all scattered along Rt. 67 with no safe sidewalks, pedestrian, or bicycle paths between them.

I've stood alongside Rt. 67 on busy weekend nights, and traffic goes by at such dizzying speeds, it's not entirely safe for bikes, or even residents out walking their dogs. Cars can fly by doing 60-70MPH. Also, no public transportation is operated along Rt. 67 in Oxford, leaving residents with no alternative transportation options.

Metro North trains and CT Transit buses operate 1 mile away from the Oxford town line, in Seymour, but Oxford residents have no option other than their own personal vehicles, or feet, to safely make it down the hill to the services in Seymour.

The meeting on June 17 and the study overall will hopefully help Oxford develop a cohesive plan to address, plan, prioritize, and accomplish the improvements needed to bring Oxford up to speed with its neighbors. Plan to attend, if you can't, virtual options will be made available.

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