Respect your elders.

I always respect my elders simply do because I know that they know more than me. I also know that they are extremely funny. A lifetime of experience lends itself to being hilarious.

Old folks do and say the funniest things -- way funnier than kids. We asked the Ethan and Lou listeners their old people stories this morning (10/15/19) and they delivered some of the funniest short stories you will ever hear. Listen:

OK, I got involved too, I could not help myself. I was lucky enough, at one time, to have all my grandparents in my life. They all had one thing in common -- they were very funny.

You will notice these old people stories have something in common of their own. They are all short, really punchy, really funny stories. Seniors know how to bring the funny and in a hurry.

If you are ever in need of a real laugh go check in with your elders. It's way cheaper than a comedy club.

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