Every year, Livability.com releases "The Top 100 Best Places to Live", and it is always interesting to see which towns make the list from all of the different states.

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I decided to take a look to see if our area made it on because we have a lot of great things to offer, right?

As I was going through, I was surprised that I arrived to number 50, and still no Connecticut town. Are we not good enough? Then, finally, number 62 - good 'ole Connecticut makes the list. But, another surprise - the Connecticut town (city, I guess) to make the list: New Haven.

What are our thoughts on this? Do we agree with that? This is what livability.com had to say about New Haven:

Did you know the first steamboat, hamburger, and wireless radio were developed in Greater New Haven? Suffice it to say, New Haven has a long tradition of innovation. Located between Boston and New York, New Haven is much more affordable than its big-city neighbors. Average monthly rent here is $1,560, nearly half of what’s charged in Boston. Home to Yale University and with a population of 130,000, it’s been said the city is “large enough to be interesting, yet small enough to be friendly.”

New Haven is cool, it has some of the best pizza around. I mean, come on, it was named No. 1 Best Pizza in America. I guess I was just surprised that it was the only place from our state to make it.

The list pointed out some great things about the city, don't get me wrong, like their best coffee shop being a local shop named Koffee, and their best brewery being East Rock Brewing Company, but I personally think it won the vote due to the pizza.

Connecticut has a lot of great things to offer besides pizza, right?...

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