It was like the final feel-good scene of an award-winning sports movie. In fact, there probably should be a movie about this one.

On the seventh anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy, The Newtown High School Nighthawks won the Class LL state championship over the Darien High School Blue Wave in dramatic fashion.

As reported by GameTime CT in the video below, there was only three ticks left on the game clock, the score was tied, and quarterback Jack Street threw a perfect pass to receiver Riley Ward to complete the perfect season with a 13-7 victory.

Riley Ward said in a post-game statement,

I just couldn't even believe what just happened. I thought i would have go up for a jump ball, or maybe the ball would be out of bounds, but it was the perfect play. The perfect pass.

Newtown's coach, Bobby Pattison put it perfectly when he said,

I don't think you could write a better ending to this one. I couldn't believe that he was open: everybody started running around and I was looking for someone to hug.

The team's reaction to the dramatic championship victory is truly priceless, and one can't help but feel the emotion and excitement that they were feeling. Watch Game Time CT's video:

Many congratulations go out to the Newtown Nighthawks. What a win, and what a way to earn it.

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