“When it comes to aliens, there are some things I just can’t tell you on air." That is the quote made by former U.S. President Barack Obama on the The Late Late Show with James Corden Tuesday night.

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The interview has now gone double mega viral and has people stunned how serious the President appeared to be when the subject shifted to UFO's. Obama was clear and direct, admitting they exist by definition. According to the NY Post he continued by saying:

“But what is true — and I’m actually being serious here — is that there’s footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are.”

That's an important distinction here and no laughing matter. Alien life forms are one thing (I'm a believer) and Unidentified Flying Objects are another thing completely.

We can choose to connect the two subjects and I do quite often in conversation, but it's not the best course when trying to have a real conversation about the potential threat that is staring us in the face.

One after another, very credible people are speaking on record about UFO's in this country and admitting there's something out there and we don't know what it is. This is unprecedented and should alarm every American, every human.

If the super powers of the world cannot identify what is in our very sensitive and heavily monitored airspace, we are all entitled to be nervous and start asking questions we never have before.

People like me have been talking about this for years, believers have been asking if UFO's and/or extraterrestrial life were a reality, how would the U.S. Government handle it? What if there were overwhelming evidence? What would they do?

The answer is disclosure. Slow, methodical disclosure and that's what is happening. We are living in a significant time period where the governments of the world are slowly disclosing the truth and the U.S. Government seems to be in the lead position.

You make a joke about aliens and then you say "I don't know about all that crazy business, but there are some things that we can't explain, these aircraft are not anything we can categorize."

This gives the perception that it's not all that bad, but it is. At a minimum, we have leaders and former leaders in the U.S. admitting there are things in our sky performing in ways that are far superior to the technology we have. That's bad.

Luis Elizondo is the former head of AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) for the Pentagon. Luis came on my radio show (The Ethan and Lou Show) and answered questions about his investigations into the subject that took place while he worked for the Pentagon and his work since.

I asked Luis directly what his opinion is, what are these UFO's? What are these UAP's? How far away from our technological capabilities are they? This is how Elizondo responded in 2019.

You can choose to laugh it off, I'm done trying to convince people but I smell something, I smell something fishy and ridiculous, it stinks.

The Government has been trying to keep this quiet as long as they can, it's gone too far and they have to start dripping information now.

For example, back in the 1950's there was a man from White Plains, NY, right in our backyard that got on the CIA radar and never got off. His name was Leon Davidson, he was brilliant and inquisitive.

Leon had access to certain projects, asked questions and wrote about UFO's and the CIA monitored him. The Documents are now public, you can see it in black and white how the government handled him and communicated about him. Davidson's work was extensive but he was never able to really breakthrough.

If you don't believe Luis Elizondo, Barack Obama, Leon Davidson, what about your neighbors? People in NY's Hudson Valley reported UFO's in record numbers in the 1980's. 

There are new reports, sighting and military admissions everyday. What about earlier this week when a new NAVY video surfaced of a UFO hovering over the ocean and then disappearing into the ocean?

If you consider the evidence and the amount of it, there is something going on. Or not, right?

I mean you are the center of the universe, you and your job and your wife. CT, America, you live and you die. The expanse of space appeared from out of nowhere and it's empty. Our dominion over the Earth is safe and everything is fine.

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