According to many reports, hundreds of people saw what was described as a fireball in the sky over Connecticut Wednesday night (July 26). says it was "believed to be a meteor" and was seen by people up and down the east coast. The streak in the sky was reported just after 11:00 PM Wednesday (July 26). The American Meteor Society says they received 685 reports of the object.

We are going to continue this dance, huh? People see something off, something real with their eyes and an organization immediately, without investigation says it's probably a natural occurrence and everyone is cool with that. OK - Let's keep playing it this way.

You bury your head in your phone, bury your head in the sand and wrap yourself in the safest, least-scary explanations, and I'll keep looking for the truth. I'll remain a fan of MUFON and UFO Stalker, Ancient Aliens and Unidentified or the To The Stars Academy, I'll continue to watch, listen and learn.

I'm not crazy, you are crazy for ignoring the evidence all around us. Did you know that UFO Stalker says there were 367 reported UFO sighting worldwide last month alone? Did you you know that the former head of AATIP Luis Elizondo says UFO's reported by trained U.S. Military observers are not only real but they are" Hyper-Sonic"

Did you know that former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continues to urge the U.S. Government to look at this issue closer? Did you know he believes it's a vital concern with respect to National Security?

Did you know the combined effort of the UFO community along with Harry Reid are making a difference? Did you know Congress is already taking a deeper look?

Where's your tin foil hat? I think you saw too many movies. You keep saying those things, you keep running the same plays. When the truth bubble starts to break and it will soon, you are not only going to look stupid but you will look scared. You will look scared because you are already, it's the reason you don't want to consider what's really going on.

That's right. I called you stupid and scared, like a tough guy.

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