WOW! This is remarkable! Alexander Lobrano is a prominent and respected freelance food and travel writer who's written three books on those subjects. In addition, he recently wrote an article for the New York Times titled "52 Places to Go in 2023."

Included in those 52 places are London, Kangaroo Island in Australia, Martinique, and Nimes in France; are you ready for this? Number 50 on his list is NEW HAVEN, Connecticut. I invite you to check out 17 reasons why New Haven, Connecticut, was chosen by the New York Times as one of the "52 Places to Visit in the World in 2023."

New Haven, Connecticut Named One of 52 Places to See in the World

The Best Pot Pies That I've Tried Around Connecticut

We all love chicken pot pies, but have you ever tried a clam pot pie? A Seafood pot pie? I love different variations of the classic recipe. Here are my favorite locally-made pot pies around Connecticut.

Who Has The Best Pizza In New Haven?

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