An already horrible news story got worse yesterday, as a Waterbury nursing home resident, allegedly strangled by another resident, was taken off of life support, and has passed away.

According to the Republican-American, 76-year-old Patricia Way was allegedly murdered by her former boyfriend, 81-year-old John Jensen. Both were residents at the Autumn Lake Healthcare Facility at Bucks Hill on North Main Street in Waterbury. Police say that Jensen strangled Way with a scarf that was around her neck while she was sitting in her wheelchair. When questioned about the alleged strangulation, Jensen reportedly claimed, "she had to die, she was evil."

The employees of Autumn Lake attempted to revive Way by administering CPR, but were unsuccessful. While she regained a pulse at St. Mary's Hospital some time later, police say she was taken off of life support on Sunday (November 25).

81-year-old Jensen has been charged with the murder and was held on a $1,000,000 bond.

When the news about this horrible crime broke Saturday, I read quite a few public responses on various websites. In all honesty, I was shocked at the callousness of what the internet trolls had to say. I've been to Autumn Lake Healthcare before, as well as Beacon Brook, River Glen, Abbot Terrace, and many other rehab/nursing facilities in our area. I believe these places inherently have a dark reputation, but they are primarily a place of rehabilitation. A crime like this is even more disturbing considering the age and location of those involved.

Jensen is in the process of being evaluated to determine whether or not he is mentally stable enough to stand trial.

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