Nostalgia is a funny thing, one day a store is just a place to go buy something and twenty, thirty years later you can smell the place.

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Just the mention of certain stores is like a free trip back in time. Hopefully, you will enjoy this trip to 4 Connecticut Based Department Stores that are no more.

4 Connecticut Based Department Stores That Are No More

I certainly remember shopping at three of the stores on this list and it transports me back to my youth and that makes it a find memory. These 4 stores were not only wildly popular in their day but they had their national headquarters right here in the Nutmeg State. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

My memory is getting fuzzy as I get older but my mom worked at one of these department stores when I was a young boy. I know it was Ames or Caldor but I cannot remember which one. I certainly remember the location, it was in the Putnam Plaza in Carmel, NY. She also used to buy me shoes at the Thom Mcan a few doors down.

I can remember going with her to work, I guess she could not find anyone to watch me. I spent the day hiding in one clothing rack or another for the space of 6-8 hours and cannot remember anything about being bored or wanting to leave. It's wild, I can still hear the sounds, smell the smells and see the lights but I cannot remember all the details. That is one of those memories that I am sure will flash before my eyes before I die.

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