Right near the Southwick Jog/Notch, on the Connecticut/Massachusetts border, there was a longtime banquet facility named Chez Josef. Countless events and memories were made in that building before it permanently closed down in late 2021.

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The building, at 176 Shoemaker Lane in Agawam, Massachusetts, went into foreclosure, then to auction in October of last year. According to wwlp.com, a $3 million dollar offer from a cannabis grower to turn the facility into a cannabis cultivation facility was negotiated, but ultimately fell through.

The last time that I was in Chez Josef, it was in the late 2000's to attend a wedding. I just remember it being so beautiful, with lush landscaping, a full, attentive staff, and really good food. The thought of hydroponic lights and the smell of a million skunks in the same space as so many people shared their first dance as a married couple? Or their first kiss at a dance? Well, that's not going to happen.

Instead, the building will be converted into a space that is intended to give it's attendees peace, love, faith, and hope. According to masslive.com, the former banquet facility will become the new home for Southwick Baptist Church. The Church reportedly got the property for $1.4 million dollars, and they've also inherited a $400,000 debt from the previous owners still owed to the city.

My wife and I drove by recently on a trip to see her family in Ludlow, it's such a beautiful property located across the street from a gorgeous residential neighborhood. I'm sure they're happy the way that this worked out.

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