Oh man, I love fried dough, it's the taste of Summertime, bright red tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, or powdered sugar sprinkled or loaded on top. Heavenly. Over the weekend, I saw a Facebook post from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Waterbury that really bummed me out. With the Summertime weather and heat coming back finally, and the corona virus cancelling basically everything public, the church decided that the 2020 Feast had to be cancelled. Street fairs and great food go hand in hand, and the Mt. Carmel Feast is most famous for their incredible fried dough. The line is typically anywhere from 10-50 people deep for these beautiful red-sauce-smothered masterpieces. It's an annual Summertime tradition that I'm really going to miss this year. It started to have me thinking, where can you get a fried dough around Waterbury if there are no street-fairs or carnivals in the near future? I know of a couple of places, so I created this easy list for you

Get Your Fried Dough at These 5 Places Around Waterbury

Phpto of Mt. Carmel Fried Dough by Large 'hungry' Dave
Phpto of Mt. Carmel Fried Dough by Large 'hungry' Dave


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