It's been a tragic morning in Newtown, as a motor vehicle crash has caused two local fatalities.

According to a press release from the desk of Lieutenant Aaron Bahamonde of the Newtown Police Department, officers responded to the report of an accident on Berkshire Rd. in the area of Jordan Hill Rd.

When they arrived, officers found that the lone vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee which was occupied by two people, had driven off of the road and into a 100-foot, heavily wooded ravine.


Unfortunately, emergency personnel pronounced both occupants of the car dead at the scene. While their identities are currently being withheld from the public while the families are notified, police say both of the victims were Newtown residents, but not related to one another.

The accident itself and the official cause of death are both currently under investigation and police have been able to speak to witnesses of the crash.

In a statement on behalf of the Newtown PD,Lt. Aaron Bahamonde said, "Our hearts are heavy this morning and our prayers are with both famalies as they go through this most difficult time. Our community mourns with them."


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