The cuteness factor is so far off the charts on this one, you can't look away.

In most cases, this would be a cute picture of a mama cat feeding her kittens. But wait, that little furry creature with the black spots is no kitten. It's a chihuahua puppy happily helping himself.

cat 4
Photo Credit - Dr. Sharon Eisen

The cat, Jada, owned by area Brookfield veterinarian, Dr. Sharon Eisen turned out to be a surrogate mom to the newborn chihuahua named Lazerus. When I spoke to Dr. Eisen, she told me that the pup's mom showed no interest in Lazerus and wasn't producing any milk.

The newborn puppy wanted no part of a bottled milk nipple so Jada, a lilac British shorthair saved the day and quite possibly the furry little chihuahua's life by taking him in as her own.

cat 2
Photo Credit - Dr. Eisen

Dr. Eisen told me she tried everything like tube and bottle feeding. She even tried to find a wet nurse for Lazerus before she turned to her cat for help. She also said that in her 30 years of practicing veterinary medicine at The Complete Cat Veterinary Clinic in Brookfield she has never seen a cat adopting another animal as his or her own. She went on to say that her cat, Jada took to the puppy as naturally as she did to her own kittens.

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